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First rebellious phase

This year, as soon as a child going to elementary school told me once, it came to lose something to say at once.
I understand things to a certain extent, I go to a nursery school and exchange information with other children, so it is natural.


It was effective until now

"A ghost will come."


"Black Santa has gifts."

Is the trump card soon going to be soon?


Generally it is said that the first rebellious period will come around 9 years old.

It is because I have doubts about absolute authority. But this rebellious period is not a desire to escape authority but a feeling of desire to keep authority.

Even though teachers and parents are saying great things, these ideas come about by sometimes seeing wrong things.

If so, we should be pleased with this rebellious period that the eyes that see reality grow among children.

Those who continue accepting themselves, even if they see the wrong things by their teachers and parents, will say that the ability to see themselves is not being cultivated.