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second child’s Understanding

Mom is always amazed at what the second-year-old child speaks.

"Daddy killer."

After saying

Sorry to say "I do not want to do a little while ago."

And say,

At the Christmas presentation,

"○ ○ was the cutest and the best."

Praise it, laughing happyly

"But Mr. XX chan does not think that XX chan was the most cute?"

And return it.

Certainly it is well understood from the age of 2 years old.

This is consolidated into being the second child.

Everything is first time for the first child, parents are sensitive to all the actions taken by the child. As a child grows by looking at it, it grows to match the reaction of parents.

But the second child, because parents are watching the growth process of the first child, doing the same will not result in the same reaction as it is known.
We are also looking closely at the parent's response to what the first child can do with the current age.

Then the second child will inevitably want to draw out a better response from the parent, and will start to act slowly.

That might be fine.
But sometimes I think that this child is born first.

It is natural that a child who was born earlier is given a time of affection, but the magnitude of affection is the same between the first child and the second child.

It is around this time that we try to respond by scratching the memory of the first child every time so that the second child does not have to do so much.