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Does memorization make sense?

A 6 year old child now remembers proverbs and haiku at a great pace.
Moreover, it memorizes the exactly nearly exactly 50 items in the nursery school without mistaking the proverb and haiku order.

If you remember, you can get a Hanko from your teacher.

But the meaning is not known at all.


It is commonplace to remember if children remember them.


Is there any meaning to merely memorizing?

It is not difficult for me to remember now, I guess he is doing it with a sense of game that gets a Hanko game.

However, originally, the background is important regardless of proverbs or haiku.
Why did the proverbs were born, how did one tea haiku poem?

If you teach it, you should talk about it.


A while ago, I tried to let children do kanji learning notes at home, but I stopped because I felt forcibly remembered.

Now I am drawing a picture and I explain that this picture became this kanji, but the child nods happily looking at the picture I painted.

Because the dog is sleeping next to the person sleeping in the large character, it is said that a kanji called a dog was made.