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After parenting

How old can a person live?
If it is about the average of Japanese, it will be about 85 years old, but there is no guarantee that individuals can live to that age.

On the other hand, it takes 21 years for parents to bring up their children to a single adult.

Meanwhile, parents are full of concerns at child rearing.

I have to change diapers only when I am busy,
I started crying in the public place and did not stop,
Sudden illness in the middle of the night,
I was injured by my friends,
To resist the parents,
There are problems in school relations,
There are exams,
There was employment.


However, the more serious thing is after child rearing is over.

During child rearing, at least it has the point of contact with parents, so although it is hard it is possible to try somehow.
However, after becoming an adult, you must be self-reliant and depart from your parents and take responsibility for all your actions.


Whether you can really live 64 years after age 22 you have to live with your own power depends on education for 21 years of child rearing.

Of course, studying variously after 21 years of age also matures immature ideas, but still judges things with his own mind which has been accumulated until that point, so it is important to base ideas If you have strain, you will step on the road at something.

For example, if we are educated that gold is all, we will try to make money in the gray zone by becoming an idea that we can do whatever we do not even do the law even if we are educated.
For example, if people are all educated that they are equal, children in poor countries will launch a project to have hope.

It is impossible to predict the various events falling into the future for the child so it is necessary to develop a mind and body that can deal with various situations in just 21 years.

And, when that child becomes a parent, his / her child further takes over his / her thoughts.


In this way the mind that parents inherit to their children will be connected forever.

That's why parenting is a wonderful thing that is more challenging than anything else.