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" I did not transform it."

The mask rider series which started 45 years ago is hot.
In the movie released in March, a scene of shock comes out for the child that Kamen Rider and Red of the Sentai series face each other.

I can not help being excited if I am a parent looking from the early days.
Although I was not trying to show it, my child seemed to be nature. I still have something that attracts children.
That way Christmas gifts, of course, become rider belts.


I decided to give the rider belt that I was being held down for the whole year as a Christmas gift. I can not forget the child 's happy face when I can open it.
But then I made a more unforgettable face.

Roll around your waist and let your eyes glitter


I shouted and took a makeover pose and it was hard as it was for a while.

" I did not transform it."

He looked like crying.

I thought that I could transform it. I caught my heart with seeing it.
There are various longingings, and I gradually become aware of the reality, becoming an adult.

Nevertheless, there is only one thing I teach children this time.

"The world is full of dreams and hope"

In such an era, can we explain that people are alive for what reason if we do not teach that the world is wonderful this time to cultivate will.

There will be many shocks from knowing the reality from now on, but I believe it is okay to repeat the same thing over and over again and grow up properly strong will.

At this time,

"If you fill up more nice things and think that bad things are bad, you can transform."

When I talked to him, he got a bit sparkling.


Kamen/Masked Rider OOO - DX OOO Driver Transformation Belt