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Parents' awareness

Children grow fast.
It will change quickly if not watching firmly.

In the past, I left the president for the reason that Mr. Stuart Chambers who was president of Nippon Sheet Glass spent with my family. It seems to be the reason that the 16-year-old son was a person he did not know when he returned to England.


Naturally, I think that it is conscious of a wonderful parent.

To quit the president for reasons of family reasons, there was a tone that the news does not match the feeling of Japanese when it flows, but this does not involve nationality, which is a question of parents awareness.

It is hard for him to grow such a child as a human being and it is prepared.


It is easy for humans to grow years as long as they have food, but this is not parenting.

Whether parents are responsible for the problem of children who are over 20 years old, there is no reason not to say.
I am responsible for parents who have made such children without parenting.


If you do not have the determination to properly judge right and wrong and to raise it to a person who can take responsible action after thinking repeatedly, how do you think to become a parent?

While it is small, you can just be honest and cute, but as you gradually grow bigger you will become rebellious against your parents and you will have big troubles during puberty as well.

So when parenting, parents must have all the solutions in their own life.
Parents gather all their own lives and crush the problems they have in the process of their child's growth.
Sometimes watching, sometimes advice, sometimes controversial.


It is also a work to confirm the meaning that I received life in the world.