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There is only one person to put in the head

Only one person can enter in the head of a child of 1 to 2 years old.

There is only one person he like.
At first it begins with mama.
At this time, no matter what you are doing, Mama is good regardless of who you are with.

And he will be able to accept other than mama, if he does not have mama you will be fine.
But when a mom is near, he needs an absolute mother even if a dad is near.

Even if it goes further, there are times when he thinks that dad is good. For example, when Mom and Mom came home Dad late late.
At this time he likes daddy and he hates Mama.


At that moment, he does not think that he likes only one person.
Therefore, a fierce battle of Dad and Mama will be held to enter into the head.

I can see traces of growth in such a change of exchange.


And, sometimes recently, the moment of putting two people into the head began to appear.

It seems that he started climbing the stairs of growth.
Even if I know the growth story, it is interesting to see it many times.



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