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Compulsory education is not an obligation

If I say compulsory education I think that I have to study.
Children going to elementary school next year often have such topics in nursery schools,

My kid says,
"I have to study at elementary school. If you forget your homework you are standing in the hallway."

A while ago at a nursery school,

Children were singing to songs such as,

I don't like studying, ♪

It is not certain whether nurseries are saying or have heard from friends,

I would like children to teach the position of elementary school firmly by nursery teacher.


Compulsory education prescribed in Article 26 of the Constitution,

Children have the right to receive education, parents are obliged to have their children educated

That is why it is made from a humanitarian standpoint to protect children from labor mission in Europe until modern times.

In other words, compulsory education is the right of a child.

I want children to recognize that they have the right to study necessary to create a wonderful future, before entering elementary school.


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