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Mother's lamenting Disney movies

Disney's movies are wonderful.
However, there is something Mama lamented in such a Disney movie.

"Why are not you always mama?"

There are quite a few movies without the mother of the main character of the movie.

Mama is dead in Bambi, Finding Nemo, Little Mermaid,
Looking for Ryan, Mom does not come in to chicken little.


Finding Nemo

Certainly Nemo etc, because mama was eaten by a shark, Papa tries to protect Nemo over unnecessarily, but even if Mama does not die separately, I feel like I can make such a setting.


It may be a shocking situation for children of age.

I do not know if it is the influence of seeing these movies, but the child suddenly started crying at dinner till ago.

"What happened?"

When asked

"I felt sad when I thought that my dad or mommy would die."

He kept crying crying while saying.
Tears gave me great pleasure when I was a parent, but is it an influence of a movie that a child in front of elementary school imagines the parents dying?

However, it is.
If you capture the existence of children a little more widely, there are children of various circumstances.

There are many children without parents, and I am saddened that there is no parent as reality.

Disney is giving courage to such children.

Like the protagonist of Disney movies, with the parents missing, even at the first weak creatures, they become strong by experiencing various things, looking at the process that the mind through which the core passed is not defeated , The children of similar circumstances are encouraged.

Only here is the value of Disney movies.

Although it is not possible to satisfy all people with one work, it is possible to satisfy all people with as many works as possible.

After all, Disney is great.