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Order of growth

When my child is 5 years old, the nursery school teacher briefly to the children

"Judge it by yourself"

She was teaching.

As it became possible to understand things to some extent, and my preference comes out in various ways,
I tried to judge various things since I was a child and tried to develop judgment.


It is a clear mistake.


It is a mistake to seek thought before a will or emotion grows up.

There was something I did not tell the teacher when a problem actually occurred in the nursery school.
Asking him what did not tell the teacher why,

"Because you will be told to judge it by yourself."

He answered.

Since the mind is invisible, it is an illusion that if you start early you will soon get acquainted.
When the power of thought is required when imitating by making imitation, intention and emotion will not grow properly.


For example, it is easy to understand.

What happens when a 6 year old child performs a body building.
The muscles are tremendously attached, even if bones are disturbed by muscles and try to grow, they can not be done.


In other words, there is a turn in the growth of the heart as well as training the body according to the growth of the body.


Kids Wall Wooden Growth Height Chart