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Where the child had the most fun

Hawaii, New Caledonia, Guam, Okinawa, Izu, Naeba, Yatsugatake · · ·

I have been to travel with my child.


Disney Resort, Sci-Fi Sentai Show, Oiso Long Beach, Hero Movie, Strawberry Hunting, Grape Picking · · ·

I have been to play with my kids.


However, the place I liked most about my child was Kawaguchiko.


It is never true that there is a place where kids will be delighted by Kawaguchi Lake.

Talking about what we did there, at the Music Box Museum called the forest of music box


I just made such a wooden box music box.
It was a collaboration that I painted the edge of a picture and a child painted inside of it.

This experience remained intact as it was, as the music box became the best treasure, Kawaguchiko became the most memorable.

However, if you go with a child somewhere, it will not be a memorable experience.

It is very important to let parents experience what they think is happy to be able to do with their children now.

So, as long as the child gets bigger you will definitely see something fun from Kawaguchiko. Still it is fun to write pictures and it can not be easy now that you can not pass through Lake Kawaguchi easily.

Mama plans various things to take us to a fun place than Lake Kawaguchi every month, but Hawaii, Naeba and Disneyland can not win Kawaguchiko, recently it is completely battey and beat Kawaguchi Lake I almost give up.

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