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Doing things you do not have to do

A short while ago, Hollywood actress Charlize Theron from South Africa was awarded at $ 140,000 (13 million yen), with the right to kiss at a charity auction called OneXOne. Is 13 million yen higher or cheap for a kiss of Charlize Theron? Of course, the person who made a successful bid judged it to be worth it, but the celebrity big actress holding an Oscar in "Monster" does not know who will win a bid The only thing you did not need to kiss auction, doing it clearly.

So why are you going to get here?
Charlize · Theron is considerably struggling, such as being killed by the real mother when he is a child. That is why it is here for the poor children of their home country, which is the purpose of this charity.

When I saw this news, I remember that the Chilean prostitute had the right to spend 27 hours with myself in the charity auction. This auction was also for children with disabilities in their own country.
Because prostitution is legal in Chile, it is possible that such an exhibition became possible, but from inferring that prostitution is working, she probably was not so wealthy and needed money as well.


Even if she is Charlize Theron, she is dare to do not put on her own precious things, despite the difference of rich and poor. This strong, beautiful and gentle feelings will stay only because you understand people's pain.

It is fine to do things properly when you have to do it, but I think that it is the time to find real human value in dare to do something you do not have to do.

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