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Why do kids cry even though I know

The morning of a house with small children is terrible.
There are also many fussies that it is just to go out, eating rice, brushing teeth, changing clothes as well.

When the child was about 3 years old, I love Disney's Cars and I was watching every single cars everyday.
If you have time, Cars, Cars.

There was a time when I saw Cars until I went to the nursery school if time passed in the morning.
Every morning my mum took the child to the nursery school, but as I got out in the morning the movie was obviously long so I could not see it all,

"Well, it's time to go."

And stop the DVD.

There is a fuss about it.
It makes me crying or getting rude.

Then Mama will be in a more serious condition, the inside of the house will become a battlefield.

Mama always wins at the end,

"You should have said yesterday! If you cry like that, you will never show it anymore! If you cry tomorrow I will never show you next time! Remember, crying will not show you tomorrow either!"

And in fact it was held down with a more scary tone, and the child was struggling to cry inevitably while trembling.

When I talked with my mother later,

"I know that I will go to a nursery school, why are you always crying, why do you want to go to a nursery school? If you talk to a nursery school teacher, you said," It may be better to stop showing you in the morning. "I wonder if I should quit it at all. There is no learning effect. "

He said.


It is mama who does not understand.

There are "meaning memory" and "episodic memory" in the human brain.

"I am a human," this is a memory of meaning.
"When the time comes, I will go to nursery school", this is episodic memory.

Child has short episode memory time.
Moreover, as capacity is narrow, two things can not be considered at the same time.

If you are watching Cars at the time you go to nursery school, you can only think of your favorite cars.
It is natural that you cry because you disturbed what you like.
There is no reason to think that we have to go to a nursery school there.

Therefore, it makes me very angry to get angry at such a thing.
It is equivalent to denying the work of the human brain.



After that my departure hours changed due to the circumstances of my company, the role of taking children to the nursery school changed to me in the morning.

Of course, in the morning, before I went to nursery school, I showed my favorite cars. And when time came and I stopped the DVD, the child cried like usual but as I saw that kind of thing, I am very pleased that the brain has not grown so far.

Even so to say, I have to take him to a nursery school.
However, it is also a child's brain. It is not such a difficult story.

It is only a matter of switching interests from car to another.
I am crying because I was disturbed by Cars, but as soon as I showed different subjects of interest, I stop crying and laugh.
I enjoyed the interaction for a while, but it is somewhat lonely somewhat I missed crying even if I started growing and stopping the DVD.

This book is good for the story of the heart here. Although it is not a child-raising book by Professor Marvin Minsky called father of artificial intelligence, trying to understand the mechanism of the mind is very positive for child rearing.