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Child's motivation

There are two things that I could do after my birth, though I could not do them until a child was born

It is cooking and piano.

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Although it can not be done any more.

Cooking has to be made when mom gets late,
The piano needs to understand the contents to a certain extent when a child practices every day, and it is possible to do piano only a little because I try to do an assignment song by myself.


Actually, these were things I wanted to do from a long time ago, but until that time I had no chance or motivation.
It is harder than I thought, but on the other hand, if I think that it would have been impossible to taste the whole life unless I tried it, I am grateful to my child.

Both of them are so deep that if you continue, you will hit the wall immediately, but one point that you want to see the child's happy face motivates and you can continue enjoying.

If so, when people try to do something, they are aggregated into how high motivation can be maintained.

It is my heart to want papa and mama to be praised for children to paint, sing songs and work.
Of course, when the child came to show it with his eyes shining, I will praise it exactly.


And there is only one way to increase that child's motivation.

Children will love dads and moms much more.

Always keep in mind that children will love you more and always communicate.
That believes that when children are happy, it will lead to sharing feelings even when they are suffering.

I try hard in order to be praised by a favorite person, it may be a motivation that does not change even when I become an adult.