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TOYSRUS is written as TOYSЯUS on the logo.
R is reversed, but in America it seems that it became such a logo as a child who remembered the letter often makes a mistake.

Certainly a child who remembered the Japanese indeed also writes Hiragana in the opposite direction.

When I went to my wife's parents' house the other day, I showed my grandmother a grandpa with a picture filled with kids and a full of Hiragana. The hiragana on that note was quite opposite.

Grandpa and grandma who saw it,

"Although" and "are not the opposite," while "laughing," they pointed out everything.

The child was laughing with embarrassment.

Children may not have minded so much, but when I came to my place,

"You can make a mistake, please do not mind doing that much."

With such a face that I do not mind such a thing from the beginning,

"Yeah." I said.

Because children are wrong creatures, it is important not to correct such things at all, it is important to put words like hardening children's intention in pictures and hiragana.
Positively read out what the child intended, from the picture or hiragana to give it to the child firmly.

So you can make a mistake like the logo of TOYSЯUS in a dignified manner.
Otherwise the wrong character logo can not be deployed in this world as a toy mass merchant signboard.

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