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Sweden >> Bangladesh

The other day I went to IKEA, the leading furniture store in Sweden.
Morning of omelets and sausages and potatoes was 99 yen and drinks were 0 yen.
I think that it is service to the visitor who came to see the furniture, but the ice cream and the hot dog at the exit are also very cheap.
The inside of the store feels like walking the exhibition route somewhere, often looking at the section where you are interested and seeing it often. Such a sense can not be compared with a European company.
Instead of gathering the dance in the dance, "Produce such a room" and produce the whole room there is the necessary furniture there. I will fulfill the imagination that this is my room.

Speaking of Sweden, I recently visited H & M, where big shops are open. Fashion is high and it is selling at a low price. In the sense of fast fashion, is UNIQLO functionality, H & M of fashion becoming becoming to be called H & M?
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">I went round the shop and picked it up in various ways and the tag was printed with Made in Bangladesh.
It is said to be the poorest country in Asia, but when I hear the name of this country, I remember Eriko Yamaguchi.

It is the president of the motherhouse that makes bags with design and functionality, using jute which is a special product of Bangladesh, and sells it.

In elementary school it was a serious bully and I could not eat lunch for 6 years at once,
During the junior high school days,
In Omiya Industrial High School who went on to go to school this was a seventh place in the Junior Olympics in Judo in Judo,
She was elected intern as an international organization in Washington during his studies at Keio University,
That meets Bangladesh as a trigger

She has an intense episode called. Details are detailed in the book "I live even in naka", but when I look at the way of life of this person I feel ashamed of my way of life.

I feel doubt that a person who has never been to a poor country in the intern age has decided the amount of aid for that country, and is a behavioral force that goes to Bangladesh and enters university as it is.

Even if we aid money to a poor country, that country will not get better unless we build an industry that earns money with our own power, that will not change, fashion sense that a mission is to start as fashion has such power.

Ms. Yamaguchi's experience from childhood may be making this person, but she is an ideal person.
I do not think that there is a way to educate a child with such a wonderful person even if it does not receive a serious bully.

Of course now, I have decided the bag as a mother house. This is quite useful. All the clerks were sparkling as well.