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Who is this person of the painted portrait?

Although it was a while ago, there was a portrait drawing of the annual Dad at nursery school on Father's Day.
It usually talks about tears coming out there, but in the class of 6 years old children became a miserable story like this time comics.

Before drawing a portrait, the teacher drew a portrait of his father and it was done in such a way.
There was a portrait of a typical father wearing eyeglasses drawn on the drawing paper.

Several of the kids who saw it, although their fathers were not wearing glasses, were drawing eyeglasses in a portrait of Dad.
Papa who did not wear eyeglasses who got the portrait at a later date was shocked.

As a nursery teacher I would have wanted to portrait a caricature on a lot of construction paper, but this age is an era of imitation. Almost all things are imitating what I have seen and heard somewhere.
Do not think that your child has originality because you talk, draw, or make things you do not know about yourself. Mimickingly imitate what surroundings live, move and talk. It is time to have will with power by repeating it.
It will be a while before I can judge various things.

Therefore, it is necessary for a nursery teacher to think about becoming such a conclusion when saying that it simply draws a portrait and shows a sample.

If I were you I will try to say something like this.

Everyone close your eyes.

Remember your father's face. What kind of face are you doing?

Open your eyes for a moment.

What kind of face did you face?
Your friend who played with my father yesterday was a smiling face. Your friends who were angry with your father yesterday are angry faces.

Well, close your eyes again.

Where was the most enjoyable place where I went with my father?
Jusco, Yokado, movie, Disneyland, Okinawa, where was the most fun?

Why was that the most fun?
So what did you do with your father?
Shoulder car, Gamba ride, pool, rush, origami, have you played with?
Have you taught me how to do it?

What kind of story did you do at that time?
At that time, what kind of clothes did your father wear? Does that clothing wear well?

Once again, what kind of face does your father have?

Okay, then open your eyes.

Write your father's face on the drawing paper in front of you.

Surely it will be a different picture from the one I drew at nursery school this time.

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