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Definition of professionals

I wonder if many people are questioned as to what the professionals are, "those who can eat with it" are answered.
Certainly, it will apply if you are a sports player, a musician, a painter, etc.

Even if you do not have a part-time job, if you can live with the talent / technology consideration, everyone will be recognized as a professional.

Among them, Ichiro, who is the top leader among the top, responds to the question "What is a pro?

"Overwhelming the fans, overwhelming the players, leaving overwhelming results."

I answer.
Every year, I think that it is a definition that only Ichiro who can not say fans' interests deviates from all 162 games in order to make an active part in establishing a new major league record. Conversely, if you define this as a professional, many professional baseball players may not be professional.

Anyway, Ichiro 's answer is philosophical.

So, as for professionals for general people, it is different if the definition "person who can eat with it" applies.
Because no matter how many people are paid even if they are not professional in their profession.
Rather, in the case of general occupation, I think that it is the opposite, and how much you are willing to prepare for it is the definition. In other words, it can be measured by how much we stick to it even if we can not eat it.

A while ago my childhood nursery kept nursing teachers from thinking too much about the state of the child, so I had talked with the director of that.
Then the headmaster saw that my child was harassed by other children at lunch when I passed in front of the classroom, so I asked my child,
"I said" I do not want to hate it if I do not want it. " "
I said.
"Even I have raised a number of my children, and since my child-care centers have been doing for decades, I know the state of the child properly."
He also insisted.

Unfortunately this headmaster is not a professional.
Not only I do not work very hard, I have not studied about children of this age at all.

If you can say that you do not like being disgusted, no one will be harassed.

This age is an important time to build up my will.
To put down the premise that the strong intention is being built up before the strong intention is made is a toppling over and it doubts the qualities of nursery teacher.

Do you know why a small child wants to listen to the same story again and again?
Listening to that story again and again,
"I made it again, I got it clearer!"
The thought of being securely burned up, being relieved, strong will will be nurtured.
So, I tell the same story over and over again, show the same story and nod in the same reaction of a child.
Do not be overworked by any means.
It is a necessary process for the growth of children.

Even if you are young, even if your salary is cheap, observe what your parents do not notice while sending out a love love light that they love kids, understand their children's feelings, and explain the reasons for the way they treat children I feel professional to a nursery teacher.


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