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3 requests for Tokyo Disney Land

I went to Disney Land & Disney Sea the other day.

It is the fourth time to bring children.

It makes me feel like I can go anytime.
Even the same attraction is getting better a little bit and the work is not vertically divided, so if all the trash is falling down all casts are picked up and if there are windy guests who are a bit lost they casually come to help Give me
I think that it is really wonderful.

However, the most wonderful thing is to provide the best service over the manual.
This is the most memorable part of Tokyo Disney Land with various episodes.

In the case of

A young couple in Tokyo Disney Land came and at the restaurant they ordered a child lunch.
Children's lunch is a menu of 9 years old or younger, so usually you can not order couple without children.

"Sorry, but I also write it in this menu, but for children it is for children's lunch and it seems adults are a little unsatisfactory so ... · · ·" was manual.

However, cast young man stepped out from the manual and asked.
"Excuse me, but who can eat kids' lunch?"

"I wanted to order for a dead child"
Answered the wife.

"For a child who passed away"
Cast cast out.

"Our husband and wife could not have born quite often, and as we continued seeking and continuing seeking a long-awaited daughter was born, the body was weak and was called to God without waiting for her first birthday Our couple also cried, I came to Tokyo Disney Land that I was talking about bringing my kids someday to the first anniversary of the child, then in the map I gave at the gate, a child here Because it was written that there is lunch, it is memorable · · · "
That's how the couple fell off their eyes.

"Is that so? Please, please eat it."
In response,
"For your family members, please come to this place"
And guided the couple to a family table of four people.

Then prepare one chair for children
"Children are here"
It led to a small chair as if the deceased child were alive.
It was a child lunch for three for the time being carried.

"Please enjoy yourself at home with your family"
I greeted him and left the spot.

The young couple had a child's lunch while gazing at the days with lost children.

Tokyo Disney Land thinks that impression is lurking beyond the manual. After that, it seems that the following letter came from a young couple who was moved by this incident.

"My tears did not stop while I was having a lunch for a child. As if my daughter were alive, I tasted a group of family members. It is my dream to have an experience of a family group with such a daughter at Tokyo Disney Land From now on, I will live with tears waking up by two people.We also go to Tokyo Disney Land with my daughter in the second and third anniversary, and we talked about this time, this time I will definitely go play with my sister or brother. "

Although it is such a wonderful Tokyo Disney Land, I'd like to give three orders in vain about what I felt a bit about going this time.

· I want you to list the height of the child who can ride on the attraction posted on the map.
· Because there are many kinds of taste, I want you to show the map where you sell popcorn on the map (It is impossible for the wagon to move.)
· Because Mickey is too big for 2 to 3 year old children and cries because it is scary, I want a place where you can communicate with a small character that 2 to 3 year olds will be happy with (it is like a turtle talk, it matches with big Mickey It is because I can not get gender.

In the car in the way home, the child was tired and fell asleep, but when I woke up about the house I cried.
When I thought what was wrong,
"I felt sad when I thought it was fun but I came home."
It was that.

I thought that Tokyo Disney Land which can impress children so far is really amazing.

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