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Going concern

There is also such an era, things that were familiar have ended steadily.

In terms of publication recession, magazines are being suspended one after the other.

There is also net service and well-known name, there is no end to the service that I thought that many users are on.


Going concern is really difficult.

For companies that are growing and continuing, the secret is written in the best selling "Visionary Company."

 Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies (Harper Business Essentials)

It seems to be said that the philosophy as a guiding principle is important for the best to be able to continue as long as possible.
The idea is immutable, it is the significance itself of the company's existence.
As time goes on, the environment will change and the situation of the company will change. Still it is safe if the idea is solid.

It is because it becomes a ruler of crossing over to see what to do when hesitating.