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"Keisuke, you are a good singer."

Keisuke Kuwata of Southern All Stars, one of the best singing vocalists in Japan. In the case of
At the time of debut, I did not know what I was singing, it seemed terrible that English was not right.

However, he sent many famous songs to the world, now it became the No. 1 vocalist in Japan that everyone acknowledges.

What is noteworthy is that other singers' songs also have a great singing ability to sing Kuwata Keisuke as songs by Keisuke Kuwata.
Until then, people called musicians tended to worship overseas musicians and move away from popular songs, but Keisuke Kuwata obviously also overseas musicians but also love pop songs and actively live and live I sang on TV programs. Because such elements are included in the Southern All Stars song, it seems that many generations have been loved for a long time.

When I drank with my friend the other day
"I was doing it on TV, but Kuwata was a child when I was a child, because he was a music scorer 1. Kuwata's music teacher came out and said that."
While saying, I remembered the news when Kuwata Keisuke's father died.

While smiling gently toward Kuwata Keisuke singing a song in the bathroom,
"Keisuke, you are a good singer."
It seems to have said that.

Is not this the origin of education? Children's future can change depending on what kind of words adults trust children.

I also had something similar when I was a child.
Until then, my gradebook only had "normal", "let's do our best" and "let's do it better" only. There were rarely "I made it" or "I could do it well".
In such a situation, there was a time when only one out of the three arithmetic results was attached.
Now that I saw it my deceased mother
"You can do arithmetic."
He told me.
I was very happy. And I thought that I could do mathematics, only mathematics was able to be done without much, and almost I went to college only by mathematics alone. It would have been never the case without that mother's word.

So, I think like this.
Generally, the grades are graded from 1 to 5 according to the ratio which can be done in the class, but maybe such a thing is not necessary while it is small.
Otherwise, should we find what we can do in that child and attach a grade of 5? Then the child will be confident in himself very much. And then I like it more and grows steadily.
There is no point in comparing with other children. All children have the possibility to extend their abilities in the same way.

 Southern All Stars ”Budou”