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Parents' awareness

Children grow fast.
It will change quickly if not watching firmly.

In the past, I left the president for the reason that Mr. Stuart Chambers who was president of Nippon Sheet Glass spent with my family. It seems to be the reason that the 16-year-old son was a person he did not know when he returned to England.


Naturally, I think that it is conscious of a wonderful parent.

To quit the president for reasons of family reasons, there was a tone that the news does not match the feeling of Japanese when it flows, but this does not involve nationality, which is a question of parents awareness.

It is hard for him to grow such a child as a human being and it is prepared.


It is easy for humans to grow years as long as they have food, but this is not parenting.

Whether parents are responsible for the problem of children who are over 20 years old, there is no reason not to say.
I am responsible for parents who have made such children without parenting.


If you do not have the determination to properly judge right and wrong and to raise it to a person who can take responsible action after thinking repeatedly, how do you think to become a parent?

While it is small, you can just be honest and cute, but as you gradually grow bigger you will become rebellious against your parents and you will have big troubles during puberty as well.

So when parenting, parents must have all the solutions in their own life.
Parents gather all their own lives and crush the problems they have in the process of their child's growth.
Sometimes watching, sometimes advice, sometimes controversial.


It is also a work to confirm the meaning that I received life in the world.



There is only one person to put in the head

Only one person can enter in the head of a child of 1 to 2 years old.

There is only one person he like.
At first it begins with mama.
At this time, no matter what you are doing, Mama is good regardless of who you are with.

And he will be able to accept other than mama, if he does not have mama you will be fine.
But when a mom is near, he needs an absolute mother even if a dad is near.

Even if it goes further, there are times when he thinks that dad is good. For example, when Mom and Mom came home Dad late late.
At this time he likes daddy and he hates Mama.


At that moment, he does not think that he likes only one person.
Therefore, a fierce battle of Dad and Mama will be held to enter into the head.

I can see traces of growth in such a change of exchange.


And, sometimes recently, the moment of putting two people into the head began to appear.

It seems that he started climbing the stairs of growth.
Even if I know the growth story, it is interesting to see it many times.



Welcome to Your Child's Brain

Compulsory education is not an obligation

If I say compulsory education I think that I have to study.
Children going to elementary school next year often have such topics in nursery schools,

My kid says,
"I have to study at elementary school. If you forget your homework you are standing in the hallway."

A while ago at a nursery school,

Children were singing to songs such as,

I don't like studying, ♪

It is not certain whether nurseries are saying or have heard from friends,

I would like children to teach the position of elementary school firmly by nursery teacher.


Compulsory education prescribed in Article 26 of the Constitution,

Children have the right to receive education, parents are obliged to have their children educated

That is why it is made from a humanitarian standpoint to protect children from labor mission in Europe until modern times.

In other words, compulsory education is the right of a child.

I want children to recognize that they have the right to study necessary to create a wonderful future, before entering elementary school.


Creative Schools: The Grassroots Revolution That's Transforming Education

Mother's lamenting Disney movies

Disney's movies are wonderful.
However, there is something Mama lamented in such a Disney movie.

"Why are not you always mama?"

There are quite a few movies without the mother of the main character of the movie.

Mama is dead in Bambi, Finding Nemo, Little Mermaid,
Looking for Ryan, Mom does not come in to chicken little.


Finding Nemo

Certainly Nemo etc, because mama was eaten by a shark, Papa tries to protect Nemo over unnecessarily, but even if Mama does not die separately, I feel like I can make such a setting.


It may be a shocking situation for children of age.

I do not know if it is the influence of seeing these movies, but the child suddenly started crying at dinner till ago.

"What happened?"

When asked

"I felt sad when I thought that my dad or mommy would die."

He kept crying crying while saying.
Tears gave me great pleasure when I was a parent, but is it an influence of a movie that a child in front of elementary school imagines the parents dying?

However, it is.
If you capture the existence of children a little more widely, there are children of various circumstances.

There are many children without parents, and I am saddened that there is no parent as reality.

Disney is giving courage to such children.

Like the protagonist of Disney movies, with the parents missing, even at the first weak creatures, they become strong by experiencing various things, looking at the process that the mind through which the core passed is not defeated , The children of similar circumstances are encouraged.

Only here is the value of Disney movies.

Although it is not possible to satisfy all people with one work, it is possible to satisfy all people with as many works as possible.

After all, Disney is great.

Order of growth

When my child is 5 years old, the nursery school teacher briefly to the children

"Judge it by yourself"

She was teaching.

As it became possible to understand things to some extent, and my preference comes out in various ways,
I tried to judge various things since I was a child and tried to develop judgment.


It is a clear mistake.


It is a mistake to seek thought before a will or emotion grows up.

There was something I did not tell the teacher when a problem actually occurred in the nursery school.
Asking him what did not tell the teacher why,

"Because you will be told to judge it by yourself."

He answered.

Since the mind is invisible, it is an illusion that if you start early you will soon get acquainted.
When the power of thought is required when imitating by making imitation, intention and emotion will not grow properly.


For example, it is easy to understand.

What happens when a 6 year old child performs a body building.
The muscles are tremendously attached, even if bones are disturbed by muscles and try to grow, they can not be done.


In other words, there is a turn in the growth of the heart as well as training the body according to the growth of the body.


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