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TOYSRUS is written as TOYSЯUS on the logo.
R is reversed, but in America it seems that it became such a logo as a child who remembered the letter often makes a mistake.

Certainly a child who remembered the Japanese indeed also writes Hiragana in the opposite direction.

When I went to my wife's parents' house the other day, I showed my grandmother a grandpa with a picture filled with kids and a full of Hiragana. The hiragana on that note was quite opposite.

Grandpa and grandma who saw it,

"Although" and "are not the opposite," while "laughing," they pointed out everything.

The child was laughing with embarrassment.

Children may not have minded so much, but when I came to my place,

"You can make a mistake, please do not mind doing that much."

With such a face that I do not mind such a thing from the beginning,

"Yeah." I said.

Because children are wrong creatures, it is important not to correct such things at all, it is important to put words like hardening children's intention in pictures and hiragana.
Positively read out what the child intended, from the picture or hiragana to give it to the child firmly.

So you can make a mistake like the logo of TOYSЯUS in a dignified manner.
Otherwise the wrong character logo can not be deployed in this world as a toy mass merchant signboard.

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Sweden >> Bangladesh

The other day I went to IKEA, the leading furniture store in Sweden.
Morning of omelets and sausages and potatoes was 99 yen and drinks were 0 yen.
I think that it is service to the visitor who came to see the furniture, but the ice cream and the hot dog at the exit are also very cheap.
The inside of the store feels like walking the exhibition route somewhere, often looking at the section where you are interested and seeing it often. Such a sense can not be compared with a European company.
Instead of gathering the dance in the dance, "Produce such a room" and produce the whole room there is the necessary furniture there. I will fulfill the imagination that this is my room.

Speaking of Sweden, I recently visited H & M, where big shops are open. Fashion is high and it is selling at a low price. In the sense of fast fashion, is UNIQLO functionality, H & M of fashion becoming becoming to be called H & M?
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">I went round the shop and picked it up in various ways and the tag was printed with Made in Bangladesh.
It is said to be the poorest country in Asia, but when I hear the name of this country, I remember Eriko Yamaguchi.

It is the president of the motherhouse that makes bags with design and functionality, using jute which is a special product of Bangladesh, and sells it.

In elementary school it was a serious bully and I could not eat lunch for 6 years at once,
During the junior high school days,
In Omiya Industrial High School who went on to go to school this was a seventh place in the Junior Olympics in Judo in Judo,
She was elected intern as an international organization in Washington during his studies at Keio University,
That meets Bangladesh as a trigger

She has an intense episode called. Details are detailed in the book "I live even in naka", but when I look at the way of life of this person I feel ashamed of my way of life.

I feel doubt that a person who has never been to a poor country in the intern age has decided the amount of aid for that country, and is a behavioral force that goes to Bangladesh and enters university as it is.

Even if we aid money to a poor country, that country will not get better unless we build an industry that earns money with our own power, that will not change, fashion sense that a mission is to start as fashion has such power.

Ms. Yamaguchi's experience from childhood may be making this person, but she is an ideal person.
I do not think that there is a way to educate a child with such a wonderful person even if it does not receive a serious bully.

Of course now, I have decided the bag as a mother house. This is quite useful. All the clerks were sparkling as well.

Who is this person of the painted portrait?

Although it was a while ago, there was a portrait drawing of the annual Dad at nursery school on Father's Day.
It usually talks about tears coming out there, but in the class of 6 years old children became a miserable story like this time comics.

Before drawing a portrait, the teacher drew a portrait of his father and it was done in such a way.
There was a portrait of a typical father wearing eyeglasses drawn on the drawing paper.

Several of the kids who saw it, although their fathers were not wearing glasses, were drawing eyeglasses in a portrait of Dad.
Papa who did not wear eyeglasses who got the portrait at a later date was shocked.

As a nursery teacher I would have wanted to portrait a caricature on a lot of construction paper, but this age is an era of imitation. Almost all things are imitating what I have seen and heard somewhere.
Do not think that your child has originality because you talk, draw, or make things you do not know about yourself. Mimickingly imitate what surroundings live, move and talk. It is time to have will with power by repeating it.
It will be a while before I can judge various things.

Therefore, it is necessary for a nursery teacher to think about becoming such a conclusion when saying that it simply draws a portrait and shows a sample.

If I were you I will try to say something like this.

Everyone close your eyes.

Remember your father's face. What kind of face are you doing?

Open your eyes for a moment.

What kind of face did you face?
Your friend who played with my father yesterday was a smiling face. Your friends who were angry with your father yesterday are angry faces.

Well, close your eyes again.

Where was the most enjoyable place where I went with my father?
Jusco, Yokado, movie, Disneyland, Okinawa, where was the most fun?

Why was that the most fun?
So what did you do with your father?
Shoulder car, Gamba ride, pool, rush, origami, have you played with?
Have you taught me how to do it?

What kind of story did you do at that time?
At that time, what kind of clothes did your father wear? Does that clothing wear well?

Once again, what kind of face does your father have?

Okay, then open your eyes.

Write your father's face on the drawing paper in front of you.

Surely it will be a different picture from the one I drew at nursery school this time.

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Definition of professionals

I wonder if many people are questioned as to what the professionals are, "those who can eat with it" are answered.
Certainly, it will apply if you are a sports player, a musician, a painter, etc.

Even if you do not have a part-time job, if you can live with the talent / technology consideration, everyone will be recognized as a professional.

Among them, Ichiro, who is the top leader among the top, responds to the question "What is a pro?

"Overwhelming the fans, overwhelming the players, leaving overwhelming results."

I answer.
Every year, I think that it is a definition that only Ichiro who can not say fans' interests deviates from all 162 games in order to make an active part in establishing a new major league record. Conversely, if you define this as a professional, many professional baseball players may not be professional.

Anyway, Ichiro 's answer is philosophical.

So, as for professionals for general people, it is different if the definition "person who can eat with it" applies.
Because no matter how many people are paid even if they are not professional in their profession.
Rather, in the case of general occupation, I think that it is the opposite, and how much you are willing to prepare for it is the definition. In other words, it can be measured by how much we stick to it even if we can not eat it.

A while ago my childhood nursery kept nursing teachers from thinking too much about the state of the child, so I had talked with the director of that.
Then the headmaster saw that my child was harassed by other children at lunch when I passed in front of the classroom, so I asked my child,
"I said" I do not want to hate it if I do not want it. " "
I said.
"Even I have raised a number of my children, and since my child-care centers have been doing for decades, I know the state of the child properly."
He also insisted.

Unfortunately this headmaster is not a professional.
Not only I do not work very hard, I have not studied about children of this age at all.

If you can say that you do not like being disgusted, no one will be harassed.

This age is an important time to build up my will.
To put down the premise that the strong intention is being built up before the strong intention is made is a toppling over and it doubts the qualities of nursery teacher.

Do you know why a small child wants to listen to the same story again and again?
Listening to that story again and again,
"I made it again, I got it clearer!"
The thought of being securely burned up, being relieved, strong will will be nurtured.
So, I tell the same story over and over again, show the same story and nod in the same reaction of a child.
Do not be overworked by any means.
It is a necessary process for the growth of children.

Even if you are young, even if your salary is cheap, observe what your parents do not notice while sending out a love love light that they love kids, understand their children's feelings, and explain the reasons for the way they treat children I feel professional to a nursery teacher.


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3 requests for Tokyo Disney Land

I went to Disney Land & Disney Sea the other day.

It is the fourth time to bring children.

It makes me feel like I can go anytime.
Even the same attraction is getting better a little bit and the work is not vertically divided, so if all the trash is falling down all casts are picked up and if there are windy guests who are a bit lost they casually come to help Give me
I think that it is really wonderful.

However, the most wonderful thing is to provide the best service over the manual.
This is the most memorable part of Tokyo Disney Land with various episodes.

In the case of

A young couple in Tokyo Disney Land came and at the restaurant they ordered a child lunch.
Children's lunch is a menu of 9 years old or younger, so usually you can not order couple without children.

"Sorry, but I also write it in this menu, but for children it is for children's lunch and it seems adults are a little unsatisfactory so ... · · ·" was manual.

However, cast young man stepped out from the manual and asked.
"Excuse me, but who can eat kids' lunch?"

"I wanted to order for a dead child"
Answered the wife.

"For a child who passed away"
Cast cast out.

"Our husband and wife could not have born quite often, and as we continued seeking and continuing seeking a long-awaited daughter was born, the body was weak and was called to God without waiting for her first birthday Our couple also cried, I came to Tokyo Disney Land that I was talking about bringing my kids someday to the first anniversary of the child, then in the map I gave at the gate, a child here Because it was written that there is lunch, it is memorable · · · "
That's how the couple fell off their eyes.

"Is that so? Please, please eat it."
In response,
"For your family members, please come to this place"
And guided the couple to a family table of four people.

Then prepare one chair for children
"Children are here"
It led to a small chair as if the deceased child were alive.
It was a child lunch for three for the time being carried.

"Please enjoy yourself at home with your family"
I greeted him and left the spot.

The young couple had a child's lunch while gazing at the days with lost children.

Tokyo Disney Land thinks that impression is lurking beyond the manual. After that, it seems that the following letter came from a young couple who was moved by this incident.

"My tears did not stop while I was having a lunch for a child. As if my daughter were alive, I tasted a group of family members. It is my dream to have an experience of a family group with such a daughter at Tokyo Disney Land From now on, I will live with tears waking up by two people.We also go to Tokyo Disney Land with my daughter in the second and third anniversary, and we talked about this time, this time I will definitely go play with my sister or brother. "

Although it is such a wonderful Tokyo Disney Land, I'd like to give three orders in vain about what I felt a bit about going this time.

· I want you to list the height of the child who can ride on the attraction posted on the map.
· Because there are many kinds of taste, I want you to show the map where you sell popcorn on the map (It is impossible for the wagon to move.)
· Because Mickey is too big for 2 to 3 year old children and cries because it is scary, I want a place where you can communicate with a small character that 2 to 3 year olds will be happy with (it is like a turtle talk, it matches with big Mickey It is because I can not get gender.

In the car in the way home, the child was tired and fell asleep, but when I woke up about the house I cried.
When I thought what was wrong,
"I felt sad when I thought it was fun but I came home."
It was that.

I thought that Tokyo Disney Land which can impress children so far is really amazing.

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