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Does memorization make sense?

A 6 year old child now remembers proverbs and haiku at a great pace.
Moreover, it memorizes the exactly nearly exactly 50 items in the nursery school without mistaking the proverb and haiku order.

If you remember, you can get a Hanko from your teacher.

But the meaning is not known at all.


It is commonplace to remember if children remember them.


Is there any meaning to merely memorizing?

It is not difficult for me to remember now, I guess he is doing it with a sense of game that gets a Hanko game.

However, originally, the background is important regardless of proverbs or haiku.
Why did the proverbs were born, how did one tea haiku poem?

If you teach it, you should talk about it.


A while ago, I tried to let children do kanji learning notes at home, but I stopped because I felt forcibly remembered.

Now I am drawing a picture and I explain that this picture became this kanji, but the child nods happily looking at the picture I painted.

Because the dog is sleeping next to the person sleeping in the large character, it is said that a kanji called a dog was made.

After parenting

How old can a person live?
If it is about the average of Japanese, it will be about 85 years old, but there is no guarantee that individuals can live to that age.

On the other hand, it takes 21 years for parents to bring up their children to a single adult.

Meanwhile, parents are full of concerns at child rearing.

I have to change diapers only when I am busy,
I started crying in the public place and did not stop,
Sudden illness in the middle of the night,
I was injured by my friends,
To resist the parents,
There are problems in school relations,
There are exams,
There was employment.


However, the more serious thing is after child rearing is over.

During child rearing, at least it has the point of contact with parents, so although it is hard it is possible to try somehow.
However, after becoming an adult, you must be self-reliant and depart from your parents and take responsibility for all your actions.


Whether you can really live 64 years after age 22 you have to live with your own power depends on education for 21 years of child rearing.

Of course, studying variously after 21 years of age also matures immature ideas, but still judges things with his own mind which has been accumulated until that point, so it is important to base ideas If you have strain, you will step on the road at something.

For example, if we are educated that gold is all, we will try to make money in the gray zone by becoming an idea that we can do whatever we do not even do the law even if we are educated.
For example, if people are all educated that they are equal, children in poor countries will launch a project to have hope.

It is impossible to predict the various events falling into the future for the child so it is necessary to develop a mind and body that can deal with various situations in just 21 years.

And, when that child becomes a parent, his / her child further takes over his / her thoughts.


In this way the mind that parents inherit to their children will be connected forever.

That's why parenting is a wonderful thing that is more challenging than anything else.

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Parents' awareness

Children grow fast.
It will change quickly if not watching firmly.

In the past, I left the president for the reason that Mr. Stuart Chambers who was president of Nippon Sheet Glass spent with my family. It seems to be the reason that the 16-year-old son was a person he did not know when he returned to England.


Naturally, I think that it is conscious of a wonderful parent.

To quit the president for reasons of family reasons, there was a tone that the news does not match the feeling of Japanese when it flows, but this does not involve nationality, which is a question of parents awareness.

It is hard for him to grow such a child as a human being and it is prepared.


It is easy for humans to grow years as long as they have food, but this is not parenting.

Whether parents are responsible for the problem of children who are over 20 years old, there is no reason not to say.
I am responsible for parents who have made such children without parenting.


If you do not have the determination to properly judge right and wrong and to raise it to a person who can take responsible action after thinking repeatedly, how do you think to become a parent?

While it is small, you can just be honest and cute, but as you gradually grow bigger you will become rebellious against your parents and you will have big troubles during puberty as well.

So when parenting, parents must have all the solutions in their own life.
Parents gather all their own lives and crush the problems they have in the process of their child's growth.
Sometimes watching, sometimes advice, sometimes controversial.


It is also a work to confirm the meaning that I received life in the world.



There is only one person to put in the head

Only one person can enter in the head of a child of 1 to 2 years old.

There is only one person he like.
At first it begins with mama.
At this time, no matter what you are doing, Mama is good regardless of who you are with.

And he will be able to accept other than mama, if he does not have mama you will be fine.
But when a mom is near, he needs an absolute mother even if a dad is near.

Even if it goes further, there are times when he thinks that dad is good. For example, when Mom and Mom came home Dad late late.
At this time he likes daddy and he hates Mama.


At that moment, he does not think that he likes only one person.
Therefore, a fierce battle of Dad and Mama will be held to enter into the head.

I can see traces of growth in such a change of exchange.


And, sometimes recently, the moment of putting two people into the head began to appear.

It seems that he started climbing the stairs of growth.
Even if I know the growth story, it is interesting to see it many times.



Welcome to Your Child's Brain

Compulsory education is not an obligation

If I say compulsory education I think that I have to study.
Children going to elementary school next year often have such topics in nursery schools,

My kid says,
"I have to study at elementary school. If you forget your homework you are standing in the hallway."

A while ago at a nursery school,

Children were singing to songs such as,

I don't like studying, ♪

It is not certain whether nurseries are saying or have heard from friends,

I would like children to teach the position of elementary school firmly by nursery teacher.


Compulsory education prescribed in Article 26 of the Constitution,

Children have the right to receive education, parents are obliged to have their children educated

That is why it is made from a humanitarian standpoint to protect children from labor mission in Europe until modern times.

In other words, compulsory education is the right of a child.

I want children to recognize that they have the right to study necessary to create a wonderful future, before entering elementary school.


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